March 2, 2021

Categories: SexAstrology

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the mimosas have bloomed (a little too early, actually). In short, spring has arrived. March is the month of love and we are still in semi lockdown. That’s Okay, we'll get over it, but what are the stars telling us? Who will be the lucky ones who will be able to give vent to their hormonal charge? Who will have to limit themselves to the big spring cleaning?

** Come saranno sesso e amore nel 2021? **


You will be spontaneous, direct, and enthusiastic. You always are, right? But this month you will be even more so; be careful not to be too tranchant with your partner or with those around you, some old wounds could reopen. With the sun entering your sign on the 20th of March you will have the wind in your sails

Sexometer: 75%

Lovometer: 90%


Family life this month won't be a walk in the park. Your proverbial patience will be needed to withstand new challenges. You will be tempted to go and seek solace in the past, don't do it, the new moon at the end of the month will bring better advice.

Sexometer: 35%

Lovometer: 45%


It's a good month for the 'twins'. You will be irresistible and everybody will try to pursue you. New possibilities are opening up, not only in the sentimentally, so keep your eyes and your heart open.

Sexometer: 90%

Lovometer: 100%


This month, dear Cancerians, is not exactly the best for love. Many good results await you as far as work work and study are concerned, but leave love for the summer. After all, you don't live on love alone, right?

Sexometer: 30%

Lovometer: 35%


Dearest rulers of the forest, this month is a month of clarification for you. Anything that you haven't been able to communicate with your partner or your love interest is good to come out now, you will feel much better. No roaring.

Sexometer: 50%

Lovometer: 55%


Around the 26th of this month the Moon will play in your favor, you will be attracted to sensitive and artistic people, this will also stimulate your creative vein and you do not have to dust your desk 4 times a day.

Sexometer: 70%

Lovometer: 85%


Your procrastination and your perennial indecision this month will be a great obstacle to you. Better to stop for a moment and reflect. There is a change of season to make and, perhaps, give away those dresses that you haven't worn for years but that you keep because they are 'aesthetically' to your taste.

Sexometer: 20%

Lovometer: 40%


This month is all about intimacy, confess your fantasies to your partner (as long as they are legal, with scorpios you can never take it for granted) and you will see what is the outcome.

Sexometer: 70%

Lovometer: 90%


Good, but not very good. A month dedicated to communication. Talk to your partner, as long as you don't exhaust them with excessive controversy and have patience. You will soon reap the rewards.

Sexometer: 50%

Lovometer: 50%


It is true that last month we advised you to take care of yourself, but that does not mean that now you can be a bully in your relationships! Calm down, leave your inflated ego to one side and listen to those who love you.

Sexometer: 60%

Lovometer: 50%


After so much ruminating, the time has come to leave aside the telescope and quantum physics studies, your soul mate is just around the corner, if you know how to look for it.

.Sexometer: 90%

Lovometer: 85%


It's your month, the sun shines high in your sign, we know that you are shy types and you don't like being the center of attention but this is your moment, shine on!

Sexometer: 90%

Lovometer: 95%