January 19, 2021

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The year that just ended has a been a rather unusual year. From an astrological point of view, the transit of Jupiter and Saturn in the rigid sign of Capricorn has ended and now both planets are now transiting in the hippest sign of the zodiac: Aquarius; that means great positive changes for all sign that will experience more freedom and less constraints mostly in their sexual sphere.


Those born under this sign are natural born leaders and, naturally, they never allow anyone to take charge … but, this year let your partner be in control, this will bring positive changes. Who will be your ideal companion this 2021? A sexy, adventurous Sagittarius who, surely, will sparkle with you in bed.

Sexometer: 90%
Lovometer: 50%


Taurians are ruled by planet Venus and are naturally inclined to romance, the planets, this 2021, suggest you to have a lot of sex! Don-t forget to mention that to your partner that has to be able to follow you in this adventure. A Leo, passionate and hot albeit slightly egocentric, will definitely be your best choice.

Sexometer: 95%
Lovometer: 70%


With the gift of communication, Gemini are ruled by Mercury, the messenger of Gods, they can hold endless conversation. This year concentrate on a hot communication. Share your fantasies in bed with your partner, your dreams and expectations and you will be satisfied. Your ideal partner will be another air sign: another Gemini (double imagination, double satisfaction), a romantic Libra or a clever Aquarius.

Sexometer: 60%
Lovometer: 30%


This year the sensitive and romantic cancerian will unleash the imagination with role playing in sexy costumes: superhero, princess, nurse or fire fighter, surprise your partner with these games which are also very trendy for this 2021. Your partner? Look for those born in November, a mysterious Scorpio, for example.

Sexometer: 70%
Lovometer: 100%


Master of sex, love for a Leo is physical and intense, better if it is outrageous. This year you will go through the entire Kamasutra, try new positions and enjoy the experience. Who will follow you in this adventure? Surely another fire sign that can keep up with your enthusiasm: a Sagittarius, an Aries or even another Leo.

Sexometer: 100%
Lovometer: 75%


The rational and organized Virgo this year will experiment with sex toys. Being a practical sign they will appreciate the fact that you can reach the goal in lesser time, plus it is fun! Who will be available to try out your toys? Definitely a Taurus who, ,being lazy will be glad that the toys will do most of the job…

Sexometer: 50%
Lovometer: 65%


The elegant Libra knows how to have fun in bed and this year it looks like they will try something extreme like a menage a trois! Who will be the right person to try our something so outrageous? Probably a water sign, quite possibly a Scorpio.

Sexometer: 75%
Lovometer: 75%


This sign is extreme by nature, and loves to experiment with BDSM and role play. After an entire year where a lot of Scorpios had to give up their favorite past-time, sex, this 2021 they have to make up for lost time. Who will follow this daring sign? Another water sign, a Pisces or a Cancer who will share with Scorpio an emotional intensity that goes beyond sex.

Sexometer: 95%
Lovometer: 65%


At last, after seven years of negativity, Sagittarius can look forward to this new year. Amongst the signs, Sagittarius was the one the suffered the most the restrictions caused by this pandemic, but now they can start to enjoy a new freedom and get back to their favorite hobby: sex in open spaces. Their partner? An air sign, a Gemini, a Libra or an Aquarius.

Sexometer: 95%
Lovometer: 30%


The sign of demeanor and discretion, Capricorn were the least affected by this lockdown. Like all earth signs, Caps love their homes and tend to spend a lot of time in it when they are not busy making lots of money. This year Capricorns should let themselves go a little and let their partners take care of them, let them spoil you, pamper you and try to spend more time on foreplay. For Caps a Taurus or a Virgo are just perfect.

Sexometer: 65%
Lovometer: 80%


The eccentric Aquarian probably spent the lockdown on a project on how to build a time machine or to discover new planets (it’s the only sign that considers sci-fi text books). This 2021 they can unleash their fantasies like having sex dressed as an astronaut or in open spaces. In this case they can ask the expert, a Sagittarius who will be more than happy to comply, but also a Gemini or another Aquarian.

Sexometer: 80%
Lovometer: 50%


The very very sensitive Pisces, the most spiritual sign will be drawn towards tantric sex, with candles and ujjayi breathing: that will be either very romantic or your partner might turn into a werewolf. Naturally, Pisces will need a partner that can understand their telepathic messages, who if not a Cancer will be able to decipher them?

Sexometer: 70%
Lovometer: 95%