February 1, 2021

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After a totally surreal 2020, this 2021 has started with great expectations and, surely, there will be plenty of, but not in the immediate future. Stars are confirming that: February is Aquarius’ month, we will all feel freer and a little more extravagant but, from an emotional point of view, Venus in Virgo, at the beginning of the month, will make us more analytical and demanding. Naturally some signs will benefit from this planet alignment, while, for others, we suggest to start a new hobby, like fantasy football.

Star signs: Aquarius, Leo, Pisces, Virgo, Cancer

Fantasy football: Sagittarius

** Come saranno sesso e amore nel 2021? **


Venus will enter in Aquarius at the beginning of the month, this aspect, if you are single, will make you very social and ready for new adventures. You might meet a special someone to start a hot romance. But don’t get carried away, Sun enters in Pisces the second half of February, stay grounded and don’t go chase rainbows. By the end of the month the moon will be in Virgo, it will be an opportunity to have smooth out incomprehension with your partner.

Sexometer: 85%

Lovometer: 45%


Unlike Aries who will benefit from Venus in Aquarius, poor Taurians will have to choose between love and career. Which one should get the priority? When the Sun will enter romantic Pisces, luckily, things will get better. You will find harmony in your love life.

Sexometer: 65%

Lovometer: 90%


With Sun and Venus in Aquarius, a favorable sign for you, you love life will be very exciting. If you have a partner you will feel very much in tune with him/her, if you are single, take the opportunity to show the world your communication skills. You may want to explore the dating app universe, but when Venus will enter in Virgo it is advisable for you to spend more time at home, fix that squeaky bed or that door that doesn’t lock properly.

Sexometer: 55%

Lovometer: 55%


Venus in Aquarius from the first of February will prepare you to meet somebody special. You will have a very busy schedule but try to distinguish sex flings from true love. Sun in Pisces and Venus from the 25th will make you particularly ready to romance; if you are already in a relationship be very considerate towards your partner, if you are single open your wonderful heart: it’s your moment!

Sexometer: 70%

Lovometer: 100%


With Venus in Aquarius, your opposite sign you will be ready for new adventures. The beneficial effect of freedom loving Aquarius will make you sparkle, particularly in bed, but only until February 25th, when Venus enters Pisces, in that moment you should understand if a relationship is worth pursuing or not. Watch your ego when the moon will enter Virgo at the end of the month.

Sexometer: 75%

Lovometer: 40%


This February is not going to start with the best hopes for poor Virgos, sun in Aquarius is too chaotic for you, you might have to face cancelled dates, ghosting and other unpleasant circumstances. Do not despair, the second half of the month, with Sun and Venus in Pisces you will be luckier with your love life. Watch retrograde Mercury, some of those ghosting might come back.

Sexometer: 40%

Lovometer: 60%


Go Libra, go! With Venus in Aquarius in the shortest month of the year, your schedule will be fully booked. You best day is the 11th, with a beautiful full moon in Aquarius, expect something extremely exciting. But you’d better hurry, when the Sun enter Pisces the situation will be slightly complicated. Mutable Pisces might make you very polemical and create problems in your relationship. Take advantage of Mercury retrograde to smooth out your contrasts.

Sexometer: 80%

Lovometer: 35%


You will feel the urge to stay home and spend more time with your partner, singles will feel the need to recharge their energies with the sun in Aquarius. During the second half of the month, when Sun and Venus enter Pisces, you will feel reenergized. You’ll be ready for the call of love and, obviously, sex. It will be a magic moment for you, don’t waste your time.

Sexometer: 90%

Lovometer: 90%


It’s all about communication! Learn to understand the love language of your partner or your love interest because Venus in Aquarius speaks a foreign language. Unfortunately, when Venus enter Pisces on the 20th and Venus on the 27th your love life will have a halt, you will feel unsatisfied and willing to start a new adventure. The moon in Virgo, however, will be a good counselor: the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Sexometer: 45%

Lovometer: 30%


With Venus in Pisces from the 1st of February it is time, for you, Caps, to love the number one person: yourselves. Don’t be so critical and austere: buy yourselves a present, prepare yourselves some special dinners. Just be patient, when Venus enters Pisces your romantic life will immediately benefit from it, a water sign nourishing the dry earth of your sign. Ignore your duties for a while and let yourselves go.

Sexometer: 50%

Lovometer: 45%


You are the stars this month! Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will all transit your sign this month. Keep your planner at hand, you will havethousands of dates. By the end of the month, things will change slightly, concentrate on who really makes your heart beat, Moon in Virgo will suggest to avoid dead ends. Ignore the sirens calling for self-sacrifice when Venus enters Pisces.

Sexometer: 100%

Lovometer: 85%


Valentine’s day will find you completely apathetic as Venus transit in Aquarius at the beginning of the month. You will feel the need to be alone. Use this opportunity to meditate and sooth your emotional wounds. Things will change when the Sun enters your sign on the 18th. Go out, Covid permitting, and enjoy the presence of a person that loves you. On the 27th the Moon will transit on your opposite sign and you will be particularly attractive and desirable.

Sexometer: 80%

Lovometer: 95%