March 29, 2021

Categories: The bed

I must confess: I too have succumbed to siren song, or rather, to clubhouse voices. "Really? Don't you know clubhouse? " M, my gay friend, yelled at me during an aperitif at De Russie. I choke on my wine, I begun to cough, creating a vacuum around me of people terrified by covid.

Voice. For those very few of you who still do not know what it is and are thinking about a private room or a porn app (resulting in a surge of hormones), I foresee long and intense palm (of the hand) sessions. It is a social, but what am I saying, it is the social of the moment, based only on the voice. Goodbye text and images; in short, we go back to our origins when we were still talking to each other.

It works like this: you sign up (by invitation only), post photos and bio, and you are ready to wander around the rooms, the virtual rooms that are the basis of this social network. Anyone can open a room, even you, poor unaware, have just arrived. Each room must have one or more moderators, then there are the speakers, those who are in limbo as they have the right to speak, as long as they are granted, and finally those that Dante would call ignause 3.0, or the basic audience that listens passively, without infamy and without praise. The topics of the rooms are varied; to have a laugh the best is definitely "10 minutes of cosmic nothing": a marathon where all the people in the room tell jokes.

Gone bad. Then there is "Caffè Avariato" which is also the horniest room, full of pussies and testosterone. A few days ago Cristina Quaranta arrived in the room (do you remember her at Non è la rai?), With a very explicit bio: “I need joy… and penis”. Needless to say, it has sparked the uproar among those in the room and the silent competition on size. If penises are to be, at least they should well endowed, right?

Obviously, the “SexandRome” room cannot be missing, where we talk about sex and all, passing through women and some trans. Among the millennials, on the other hand, the “Passo o bombo” room is very popular, a kind of virtual ‘Uomini e Donne’ tv show, in which the lucky chosen can say, for each one present, if they bomb (they like the person) or passes. Eventually, by elimination, the Super Bombo is named and, if they are rooms, they will consume.