June 28, 2020

Categories: The bed

M. is deeply undecided. He is horny but to pay 150 ‘roses’ for sex with a woman who just allowed him to ‘sniff’ it, a teaser, it is not very enticing. In the end he decides to give it go. That’s pussy power. He goes for straight sex. >"Unbelievable – he cries with his head in his hands - the worse sex of my life. No kisses and she was so cold as if she were thinking about something else" I feel like telling him that women often think about something else when they are having sex. Even James Joyce said that. But I don’t want to upset him even more.

Cruising. Eventually he takes me home; we drive in front of Villa Pamphili. “do you know this a cruising spot?” I go: “Cru- what?” “C’mon, you write about sex, you should know”. I don’t, and I am truly mortified, as if somebody mentioned an author I had no idea about. He enlightens me: it’s from the verb to cruise, to sail. Practically going through difficult paths, like woods, beaches, and parking lots seeking quick pleasure. Gays do it too”.

La mappa. I’m interested: “Where do they ‘cruise’ in Villa Pamphili?” “They go to the area above the small lake. They enter from Via Donna Olimpia and follow the main road that takes you to the lake. Cruising Zone starts next to the woods, on the left hand side. But you can only go in the evening. If you want sex during the day you may go the service area in Magliana Sud. Occasional encounters happen in the Autogrill toilets or in the parking area behind it: there is a small wood where you can fuck undisturbed. There is also the parking area on via di Mezzocammino. You can go there anytime apart from the two mornings dedicated to the open markets. Or, there is also Pineta Sacchetti Park: the derelict building in it is a place of perverted hit and runs. But, there are rules to be followed”.

(to be continued)

(to be continued)