February 2, 2020

Categories: The bed

He is the head of one of the biggest newspaper in Italy. He writes to me complimenting me: he reads my articles often. He is in Milan, I can go and talk about work to him when I go there. I rush there.

Instagram. I’m on the Frecciarossa fast train, there are a couple of Chinese girls with their masks on. I’m still stunned from last night with A. and L. the former left with his Barbie doll; knowing him they must have had a hot night. The latter went off to Instagram seeking for feet to contemplate.

Tequila. I find solace with my friend Trucione. I need tequila. As soon as I see him I start giggling. He wears a gym suit, messy hair, salt in one hand: “I have a surprise for you”. I start to worry, “but first you must take a drink”, and he winks at me. Now I’m really worried. Tequila night has started: he takes the bottle out, two small glasses, salt and lime. I surrender. He takes me to his bedroom and solemnly he declares: “these are Oculus, your world will never be the same”.

Dinosaur. Oculus are nothing but enormous glasses (launched by Facebook) for virtual reality. You put them on and decide where to go, a beach with palm trees or the Louvre or even giant beds good enough for orgies. He approaches the subject cautiously: first he gets me to try Jurassic Park. I find myself in a jungle with worms and insects. I already want to escape when, all of a sudden, an enormous, horrible dinosaur appears, it gets closer; his teeth are sharp and it is drooling; it is 5 meters away from me …3 .. 1 I shout! I take off these evil glasses, unaware of another surprise.

Lesbo. While I was lost in the jungle he, unbeknownst to me, was chatting with a female friend to organize a virtual lesbian date. “Are you nuts?” I scream. Eventually I comply and I put my glasses on. Her name is D., her avatar is really awesome. She is brunette, with long straight hair. We meet up in a hotel room full of mirrors. In the middle of the room there is a huge round bed and on top of it a chrome shower. The waiter arrives with a bottle of Cristal, two flutes and wild strawberries. D. starts to sip her champagne, she picks a berry and starts sucking it. She hands it to me. I take it. She takes some ice from the ice bucket and puts it in her mouth then she offers me her tongue to suck it. It is my first virtual sex encounter and it is a lesbian one. We go to bed and she starts to undress me.

(to be continued)

Ps. La canzone che ho scelto per questo articolo è “Io e Maria” di Paola Turci